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 S.A.C.S. Function day - Margate

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LBDR True friend

PostSubject: S.A.C.S. Function day - Margate   Tue Mar 23, 2010 5:10 pm

Function- 15th May 2010 will be the Sporting day, open to a 40 dog limit. All dogs entering MUST be over 1yr, and be in good physical shape.
There will be trials in..A-Frame, Lure racing & Weightpull with a points system so the highest scoring dog of the day will be named. Any dogs tying will be evaluated on there individual scores on each event so a winner can be decided.

The A-frame will consist of 3 reps with the totals added together for a final score. Dogs that finish with same totals will be decided on which dog scored highest in the 1st or 2nd reps.

The 100 meter lure race will be split into the normal S.A.C.S catergories. Each dog will get 2 runs with times being added to give a final score.

The weightpull will be set into weight classes....
Lightweight upto 35lbs,
Middleweight 35-60lbs,
Heavyweight 60lbs +.

There will be a qualifying pull for each class any dog that does not pull the weight will be eliminated from the W/P comp. There will Trophies for MWP & best x's body weight pulled weight. Normal S.A.C.S weightpull rules apply.

There will be medals and Trophies to be won in all the comps 1st, 2nd,3rd and overall winner on the day.
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S.A.C.S. Function day - Margate
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