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 Secret Santa for the LBDR dogs

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LBDR Good friend
LBDR Good friend

PostSubject: Secret Santa for the LBDR dogs    Sat Nov 12, 2011 6:17 am

:xmas26: :xmas27: :xmas26: :xmas27: :xmas26: :xmas27:


We're going to have a little SECRET SANTA fun for our scrummy dogs here at LBDR

:xmas2: :xmas4: :xmas2: :xmas4:
Here's how it works:

If any members would like to take part then you need to send me a private message
on here. You will be allocated a dog to buy a gift for and I will send you the address of
where to send your parcel. Or if you are visiting the rescue in the next few weeks you
can, of course drop it off. Or if you're at the next Mote Park walk I'll happily collect
pressies to save you on the postage costs of sending it!

If your allocated dog is rehomed between now and Christmas crossed then your
gift will automatically be made available to the next LBDR dog to arrive ( and rest
assured that the next one will no doubt arrive within 5 minutes of your allocated
dog leaving!)
:xmas15: :xmas15: :xmas15:

There are a number of dogs at LBDR who you may not be aware of. For various reasons
we can't publicise these dogs or offer them up for rehoming just yet. Just because you
don't see them plastered all over the internet doesn't mean they're not there. A lot goes
on behind the scenes but I'm sure you will agree that EVERY dog here deserves a little bit
of extra happiness on Christmas morning. Therefore, some dogs will simply be listed
as Dog A, Dog B etc

OK, we have:

Dog A
Dog B
Dog C
Dog D

The tiniest of gifts will make such a difference. Please just buy whatever you can afford. I
know the dogs will be grateful for a packet of chews costing £1 but if you would like to
spend a little bit more then thats OK too!
:xmas20: :xmas18: :xmas20: :xmas18: :xmas20: :xmas18:

Please send your gifts by Friday 9th December. This allows a week for them to arrive with
Christmas delivery, a few days for me to go and collect the parcels from the Post Office
plus a few days for me to get the goodies over to Sharons by the 25th December.

Watch this space for photos of the pooches enjoying whatever Santa may bring!:xmas7:

Thanks for joining in & making their Christmas a little bit special
:xmas19: :xmas21: :xmas19: :xmas21: :xmas19: :xmas21:


A good friend is like your favourite bra: Offers support, .
always there, close to your heart, lifts you up and never lets u down .... My dogs are my bras!
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Secret Santa for the LBDR dogs
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